Golf Push Cart – Focus on the Fundamentals

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If there is one thing that is being discussed in every serious golf book on this planet it’s the importance of fundamentals in one way or the other. Even playing and teaching professionals are preaching how much they value them. Yet when you take a look around on the range you get the feeling that only one percent of the people are actually working on their fundamentals. Maybe people try it once and think that they the fundamentals are boring and mundane and move back to beating balls. I don’t blame them. Without a clear goal in mind working on your address position or other details may seem pointless when you are not seeing immediate results.

Then there is the belief that the fundamentals vary considerably from player to player and that you just have to find your own way by trial and error. Well, it’s true that there are many ways to swing a golf push cart. If you take a look at the top players in the world you can find a variety of postures, grips, ball positions, swing planes etc. That is all sound and true but every single one of these professionals still works on basic things like their takeaway or posture and you should do the same thing.

Start With Your Address Position

When was the last time that you placed yourself in front of a full body mirror and worked on your address position? For some people the answer to this question is “never”. And we all know that you should never say never. A good way to remember the basic components of a great setup position is the acronym G.A.S.P. It stands for Grip, Aim, Stance and Posture. Devote yourself to all four of them and you will probably notice things you have not thought about for a while. Is your grip too strong or too weak? Are you bending your knees too much or hunching over with your upper body? Compare yourself with a model swing in the way I describe in Golf Tip#4. Because you are not moving at all during setup it is the one part every golfer should get right. There is just no reason not to.

Understanding the Takeaway and Backswing

For a proper takeaway it is important to make things not any more complicated than they are. It is simple and it should be. Don’t add any additional moves. Just focus on a solid one piece takeaway moving your arms, shoulders and hips at the same time.

For the backswing the best thing you can do is to keep your spine angle and turning your shoulders properly.

If you do a correct backswing your left wrist should be flat at the top of the backswing and the club should be parallel to the target line. If you invest the time to really understand the takeaway and backswing you are on the way develop consistent, powerful golf swing.

Understanding the Downswing

The downswing should always be initiated with a lateral movement of the hips but most importantly you should still be keeping your posture and spine angle while turning your shoulders and arms back towards the ball. I personally think that keeping your spine angle is the single most important factor to keep your swing on plane and making solid contact with the ball. I think that it’s also where the famous tip to keep your head down stems from. Which oversimplifies things of course. You can try to keep your head down and still mess up your posture or the movement of your hips, shoulders, arms etc.

Understanding Impact and the Finish

Everything should be more or less automatic during impact and right after that. If you are trying to change your swing path path during impact or manipulate the ball with your hands you set yourself up for disaster. Don’t worry about the impact at all and just swing through the ball. Your finish should be more or less the result of your swing that is based on solid fundamentals. Nevertheless you can try to complete your swing with a strong finish actively and you should do so if it doesn’t happen automatically yet.

Source: Types of Golf Push Cart