Golf Push Cart – Why play golf?

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Many people are playing golf as a game and want to learn how to play golf well. You can find lots of books and products that contain lots of information about golf as a game. Golf is an awesome game which can provide great enjoyment and provides you lots of challenges while playing golf. There are many schools that offer classes on how to use a best golf pust cart, but it is better that you play the game by yourself and be comfortable with basic knowledge. If you learn the basics of the game and how to swing the golf club well, then you will have a great experience on the course.

There is no correct way to swing the golf club, but the surest way to hit the golf club well learn about the game and then practice it. There is no shortcut to learning the game so study and practice the game a lot. Swinging the club well and practice will help you become a master in the game. There are many techniques but the correct technique for hitting the golf club in which the swing knows where the body should be when the swing happens. Some basics to help you get started:

Etiquette - It is important to know what you can do on the course and how to behave on the course

How to swing, grip the club and short game – You need to know how the body and the club need to move in order to hit the club properly. Gripping the club properly and playing your short game well is also very important.

Golf clubs

A golfer can use various types of clubs to play the game. The clubs are designed to hit the ball from one place to another. Different club sets have different ways of hitting the ball so that the ball can reach nearer to the hole.


Woods are those clubs which are used to hit the ball far from the fairway or the tee point. The ball usually goes from 200 yards – 350 yards. The club is made of steel and the head is round and big in shape and the driver has the least lift and can be hit the farthest.


Iron clubs are made of metal and are used when the distance is close to 150 yards. There are many types of irons and the long irons are to be used to hit the ball farthest, while shorter irons like 7, 8 and 9 irons are used to take the ball to 100 odd yards.


Wedges are used to loft the ball in the air and the wedge is used to hit the shot to 120 yards or so. There is usually a pitching wedge in the golf bag and the other wedges are to be bought separately.


The putter is a club which is used on the greens. The head of the putter is flat and comes in various sizes.

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